Error code 10061


By using either the main menu / Remote / Connect to Remote Computer, main menu / Remote / Monitor Remote Computers or main menu / Report / Remote Report Wizard feature, AIDA64 fails to connect to the remote computer(s) with "Error 10061: Connection refused" error message. How to solve this?

It is not possible to connect to remote computer(s) without running AIDA64 on both the local and the remote computer(s). Installation procedure is not mandatory, but at least AIDA64 should be automatically launched from the users logon script using a command-line like:

\\server\share\aida64folder\aida64.exe /ACCEPTBG /SAFE /SILENT

The /ACCEPTBG command-line option automatically enables the main menu / Remote / Accept Incoming Remote Connections feature that will enable the connections from remote computers. Full list of command-line options with explanation is available in the AIDA64 Manual.