For many years we used AIDA32/EVEREST software in our professional work to get reliable and up-to-date system information and performance evaluation of PCs and components. It helps us a lot to make press-reviews of new hardware while daily publishing in popular web-sites www.ixbt.com and www.ixbtlabs.com as well as in a paper magazine iXBT (Russian Edition).
We're glad that AIDA64 continues a valuable mission of Everest in a field of 64-bit applications, and certainly we'll continue to use it for our testing and reviews as one of the most reliable and power tool for many PC components (CPU, RAM, VGA, HDD, etc.).

Alex Karabuto - iXBT.com

For the tech addict, AIDA64 is one of the most useful tools ever created. Simple looking, yet powerful and complex, AIDA64 has all the ingredients required from a top class software suite. From my point of view, this is one of the tools that should not miss from your collection, if you call yourself a true computer enthusiast.

Tudor Badica - LAB501

When reviewing hardware for one of the world’s most popular technology websites AIDA64 has become one of my must have utilities. From full desktop and laptop systems down to individual components such as CPUs, AIDA64 gives me the information I need quickly and in a user friendly way.
Whether I am testing the newest component or something older AIDA64 always proves its usefulness. This alone is great but as an added benefit the support offered by FinalWire is exceptional; they are quick to respond and always helpful.

Stuart Davidson - www.hardwareheaven.com

AIDA64 is one of the few remaining synthetic benchmark tools that we regularly use in our reviews. We appreciate its huge and always up-to-date hardware database and its straightforward user interface.


Benchmark Reviews upholds a trusted reputation by delivering consistent results to our readers, and we couldn’t do it without precision tests tools such as AIDA64. Having a true 64-bit benchmarking and diagnostic utility is essential for testing today’s computer hardware when used with a modern Operating System. Our staff previously used the Everest benchmark suite with great results, and now that 64-bit Microsoft Windows 7 is our primary O/S transitioning to AIDA64 makes the most sense. The Finalwire AIDA64 utility is an excellent suite of test tools that comes highly recommend to all hardware enthusiasts, which is exactly why we trust it with our own projects at Benchmark Reviews.

Olin Coles - Editor, Benchmark Reviews

So as you can see AIDA64 is bursting at the seams with usefulness and is an absolutely essential purchase if you have even a passing interest in PC Hardware.
If a program can be judged upon its ability to do what you want with the minimum of fuss, then AIDA64 is truly the gold standard and easily wins the Overclock3D Gold award.

Bryan Waters - Overclock3D.net

As leading developers of enthusiast computing hardware, we spend countless hours in the lab evaluating the performance and compatibility of our latest memory, storage, and cooling products. We have found that AIDA64 is an ideal tool for comprehensively evaluating new hardware in the 64-bit Windows 7 environment that our customers favor. We have used AIDA and Everest tools for many years, and see this partnership continuing well into the future.

John Beekley - VP, Corsair

I used AIDA(32) since it was born. It was then and is now just an easy way to gather information about the hardware and software installed on any PC. In our reviews we use it to check if mainboards read SPDs correctly, if the hardware monitoring tools are working properly and to check the CPU temperatures. Of course no product is perfect, but the response-time of the AIDA team is just incredible fast which enables them to improve their product further. While 64-bit OSes are out for years, most software still trails years behind. We are glad that AIDA64 has moved to 64-bit.

Eliot Kucharik - Hardware Editor www.fudzilla.com

We, reviewers at the TheLab.gr - one of the largest Greek hardware and review sites - have for granted the provision of objective and comparable results in every test we perform for our readers. This would not be possible without the use of the appropriate benchmark tools. AIDA64 is one of the most crucial tools in our measurements, so thank you FinalWire for providing us with such a useful software.

Dennis Karopoulos - Senior Reviewer, TheLab.gr

AIDA64 offers me everything I need for real-time system monitoring, and when it doesn't, submitting a report to FinalWire gets a working version is short order, if an updated version is not already available. Updates to the software are very frequent, more than almost any other software tool, making it one of the most up-to-date programs, period. The CPU and memory benchmarks have proven to be reliable, with repeatable results, and the informational modules provide data that few tools report. With the addition of support of a customizable external display to LCD screens like the one offered by the Logitech G15, AIDA64 has become the ultimate software tool that I could not do without.

Dave Rennie - Technical Writer, TechPowerUp.com

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