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AIDA64 SensorPanel

Create your own unique panel that matches your rig's design and shows all the important information about your sensors, cooling system, usage and more.
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Create your unique system dashboard

With SensorPanel, you can create a personalized and dynamic display of vital system information right on your desktop, keeping you informed of your hardware's performance at a glance.

SensorPanel allows you to design a tailor-made interface by selecting from a wide array of sensor data, including temperatures, voltages, fan speeds, and more. Arrange these elements using intuitive drag-and-drop functionality and customize their appearance with various visual styles, colors, and sizes. The result is a unique and eye-catching panel that complements your desktop environment while providing real-time insights into your system's health and performance.


Check out this tutorial video by JayzTwoCents

Seamlessly monitor without sacrificing performance

In addition to its customization features, SensorPanel is designed to be resource-efficient, ensuring minimal impact on your system's performance. This way, you can enjoy continuous monitoring without sacrificing the responsiveness of your PC.

Optimize the potential of your system with SensorPanel

Stay ahead of potential hardware issues and optimize your system's performance with the unparalleled convenience and versatility of AIDA64's SensorPanel feature. Embrace the power of personalized, real-time system monitoring and unlock your hardware's full potential.

Explore the SensorPanel community with other enthusiasts

Check out our Forum to discover different SensorPanel designs that you can download, buy or get inspired by. Here are some of the awesome designs that you can find there. 

Creator: Liao Joey

Creator: Vimyscout

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