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Downloads & Beta Versions

We constantly update our products to support the latest hardware and technologies. You can download the latest version of our products, as well as older versions and beta releases. We release regular weekly beta updates for our products to assure our customers always have the latest hardware support and the most extensive hardware database. If you have a technical issue, it is strongly recommended that you first upgrade to the latest beta version before contacting FinalWire for assistance.

AIDA64 for Mobile Downloads

A custom developed, native version of AIDA64 is available to all major mobile platforms and can be downloaded from their specific app stores.

Frequently Asked Questions

For the past nearly twenty years, we have received a large number of questions which have been asked time and again by our users. We have collected these, together with our answers, in our Knowledge Base, where you will find answers to the most common questions related to our products, potential technical issues, hardware and software support, licensing and payment methods.

Why is my AIDA64 product key not working?

AIDA64 product keys are uniquely generated based on the software edition, software version and other license parameters. The following cases are most common issues that prevent the software key from working properly.

Lost Product Key

In the case you lost your product key and cannot activate AIDA64 Extreme, please follow the link below and enter your e-mail address you've used during the purchase.

If you using a AIDA64 Engineer Business, Network Audit or you cannot access your email address anymore or you were not able to obtain your product key using the link above, please submit a ticket.

Discussion Forums

In the official AIDA64 forums, you can ask questions directly from the developers who are always ready to respond and help solve any AIDA64-related issues. Our products have also gathered together a community of enthusiasts and experts who are also glad to give a helping hand to users asking for support in the forums

Have a question? Submit a ticket

If you encounter technical issues, we recommend that you try the latest beta first, which always contains bug fixes and database updates to support the latest hardware. If the latest beta does not solve your problem, and you cannot find an answer to your question on our support pages either, or you just lost your product key, or have a question, please submit a ticket and we will get back to you promptly.


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