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AIDA64 offers various features to manage computer inventory of a company. With AIDA64 it is easy to create hardware or software audits, manage changes and receive alerts on different events.
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An essential software in a corporate environment




AIDA64 provides over 50 pages of information on hardware configuration and over 50 pages of installed programs, software licenses, security applications, and Windows settings.

Software audit

AIDA64 provides over 50 pages of information on installed programs, software licenses, security applications, and Windows settings. List of started processes, services, DLL files, startup programs, and visited web pages is also available.

Remote features

The activity and status of a whole network of computers can be monitored remotely with AIDA64 Remote Monitor. With AIDA64 Remote Control it is also possible to take full control of the remote computer to perform administrative tasks and transfer files.

Network audit

With AIDA64 hardware and software information of networked computers can be collected via command-line automation. Collected reports are processed by the AIDA64 Audit Manager, that can also produce network audit statistics and diagrams on hardware and software distribution.

Change Management

An essential feature of AIDA64, Change Manager can detect and list changes between network audit snapshots taken at various times. AIDA64 can also send alert notifications in real time if hardware or software changes occur or when issues or problems arise.


AIDA64 has the most accurate hardware detection capabilities in its class, to provide detailed information on the computer internals without the need to open it up. The hardware detection module is strengthened by an exhaustive hardware database holding over 240,000 entries.

Érd és Térsége Water Company

The Érd és Térsége Water Company Ltd. has been providing drinking water services to the municipalities in the neighborhood of west and south Budapest. In addition to supplying drinking water, the company operates wastewater networks and sewage treatment plants, while environmental protection is also part of its core business as, through regularly conducted laboratory testing, it helps protect natural water resources.
Industry/core business: Water industry

Full article in PDF: aida64-case_studies-erd-vizikozmu-eng.pdf (485.59 KB)

New Philadelphia City Schools (NPCS)

About 1200 PCs are used in the New Philadelphia City Schools (NPCS), which is composed of a high school, a middle school, five elementary schools and an administration building. The computers serve about 3,000 students and more than 400 staff members in the school district in the county seat of Tuscarawas County, Ohio.
Industry/core business: Education

Full article in PDF: aida64-case_studies-new_philadelphia-eng.pdf (419.21 KB)

Porsche Bank Hungary

A financial institution providing mainly car financing services, Porsche Bank has been operating in Hungary since 1994. The Hungarian office was the first subsidiary to be established by the then more than 30-year-old parent company, headquartered in Salzburg, Austria, as part of its international expansion. The bank provides car finance solutions for purchasing Volkswagen, Audi, Škoda and Seat vehicles, but it also offers traditional banking services for both private and business customers.
Industry/core business: Finance

Full article in PDF: aida64-case_studies-porsche-bank-eng.pdf (477.75 KB)

Mecsekérc Environmental Protection Inc.

Founded in 1998 as a closely held corporation wholly owned by the Hungarian state, Mecsekérc Environmental Protection Inc. came into existence following the reorganization of Mecsek Ore Mining Company, of which it is a legal successor. The company has annual sales of 18-27 million USD, and its main business activities are mining and related engineering services. The latter include environmental protection, mining, hydrogeology, geo-thermal and soil mechanics research and planning.
Industry/core business: Environmental protection, mining

Full article in PDF: aida64-case_studies-mecsekerc-eng.pdf (471.85 KB)

Budapest Spas and Hot Springs corp.

The state-owned Budapest Spas and Hot Springs Corp. manages the open-air swimming pools and spas in the Hungarian capital. The company, which generated 6.7 billion HUF in revenue in 2012, has 12 premises and uses a total of 200 Windows workstations as well as about 50 Linux-based points of sale.
Industry/core business: Spa industry

Full article in PDF: aida64-esettanulmany-gyogyfurdo-eng.pdf (3.45 MB)

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