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Why is my AIDA64 product key not working?

Why is my AIDA64 product key not working?

AIDA64 product keys are uniquely generated based on the software edition, software version and other license parameters.

The following cases are most common issues that prevent the software key from working properly.



You mistyped your product key

If you mistyped your product key, please enter it again carefully.


Your product key is not valid for your AIDA64 version

Your maintenance period has expired.

There’s a new update for AIDA64, but you are no longer eligible for receiving updates to your AIDA64 installation.

You can download the AIDA64 version corresponding to your product key from the AIDA64 Archive Downloads page, or you can purchase a renewal for your AIDA64 license to extend your maintenance period in the AIDA64 Online Store.



Your product key is not valid for your AIDA64 edition

The entered product key is for a different edition of AIDA64. Download the correct edition from our website: AIDA64 Downloads.

Download pages for the latest versions of different AIDA64 editions:


Your product key is blacklisted

The product key you entered is not a genuine, valid key.

These keys often can be found on various websites or videos distributing pirated software. Also there are some LCD manufacturers who bundle a counterfeit copy of AIDA64 with their device.

You can purchase a genuine AIDA64 license in the AIDA64 Online Store.

In case you believe you have a valid AIDA64 product key and you have the invoice or any proof of purchase please contact our Support Team.


Your license is expired

The evaluation period of your test license is over. You can purchase an AIDA64 license in the AIDA64 Online Store.



Your payment has been refunded

The entered product key has been revoked due to purchase refund or chargeback.

If none of the cases above applies to you and you keep receiving invalid product key message, please contact our Support Team and provide them with the following information:

  • a short description of the error you are receiving or a screenshot of the error dialog,
  • the version and the edition of the AIDA64 software you have installed,
  • your product key.

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