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Download AIDA64 Extreme (beta)

Trial version, portable ZIP package

Version: 6.32.5609 beta (Jan 06, 2021)

Release notes:

  • BeadaPanel LCD / support for 480x1280 panel
  • Storage / SMART / special support for Seagate BarraCuda SSDs
  • anti-virus software support for Kaspersky 2021
  • firewall software support for Kaspersky 2021
  • improved handling of LCD rotation
  • negative temperature support for Aquaero 5/6
  • negative temperature support for AquaStream Ultimate, MPS
  • GPU information for nVIDIA A100-SXM-80GB (GA100GL)
  • GPU information for nVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060 6GB (GA106)
  • SPD memory information for Acer Aspire 5220 notebook
  • motherboard specific sensor info for Foxconn 2ABF
  • fixed: OSD Panel / phantom right-column labels in justify mode after hiding items
  • fixed: Windows Vista/7/8.x extended build detection
  • fixed: GPU diode temperature measurement for nVIDIA Ampere (2C difference)
  • fixed: SensorPanel / images and custom gauges vanishing issue

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Download AIDA64 Extreme (6.32.5659 beta)

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