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AIDA64 turns 25

A long journey

It's been a long journey since ASMDemo, the first system information tool in the AIDA line born back in 1995. ASMDemo was a text-only 16-bit software running under MS-DOS. Later, it was renamed to AIDA and 20 years ago it was ported to Windows. Today, AIDA64 is not only available for Windows PCs but in the past 5 years we have released a fleet of apps covering all major mobile platforms too. The AIDA64 apps have become indispensable tools for Android, iOS and Sailfish platforms where they have achieved a combined download count of over 12 million. The main AIDA64 software currently supports over 220,000 hardware devices and localized to 39 languages. It supports over 50 different external LCD displays to monitor system sensors. The AIDA64 System Stability Test has been recognized by the overclocking community as a dependable tool to push the computer to its absolute limits.

AIDA64 Timeline


ASMDemo, 1995

AIDA32, 2001

AIDA64 Extreme, 2020

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