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FinalWire Unleashes AIDA64 v5.90

AMD Ryzen and Intel Apollo Lake Benchmarks

Posted | March 28, 2017

Today FinalWire released a new stable update to the desktop editions of its popular system information software. The new AIDA64 release implements optimized benchmarks for AMD Ryzen “Summit Ridge” and Intel “Apollo Lake” processors, supports the upcoming Microsoft Windows 10 Creators Update as well as the latest graphics and GPGPU computing technologies by both AMD and nVIDIA.

Optimized 64-bit benchmarks for AMD Ryzen “Summit Ridge” processors

AIDA64 CPUID Panel, Cache & Memory Benchmark panel, GPGPU Benchmark panel, System Stability Test, and all cache, memory and processor benchmarks are fully optimized for AMD Ryzen “Summit Ridge” high-performance desktop processors, utilizing AVX2, FMA3, AES-NI and SHA instructions. Detailed chipset information for AMD Ryzen “Summit Ridge” integrated memory controller. Preliminary support for AMD Zen server and workstation processors.

Microsoft Windows 10 Creators Update support

Operating system details, installed programs list, and security software information for the upcoming Microsoft Windows 10 Creators Update. Optimized and fixed ACPI query, tree enumeration and temperature measurement modules.

Creators Update

Socket AM4 motherboards support

Temperature, voltage and fan speed monitoring for Socket AM4 motherboards and processors. Detailed chipset information for AMD B350 and X370 “Promontory”chipsets, as well as for the integrated Server Controller Hub and integrated Fusion Controller Hub of Ryzen processors. Detailed SPD information for high performance DDR4 memory modules with XMP 2.0 memory profiles. Support for the latest 5Gbps Ethernet LAN controllers.


Optimized 64-bit benchmarks for Intel “Apollo Lake” SoC

SSE4, AES-NI and SHA optimized benchmarks for Intel “Apollo Lake” low-power desktop and mobile SoC. Detailed chipset information for Intel “Apollo Lake” integrated memory controller. Improved support for Intel Atom C3000 “Denverton” SoC. Preliminary support for Intel “Gemini Lake” low-power SoC and Intel Xeon Phi “Knights Mill” HPC CPU. Improved support for the upcoming Intel “Cannonlake”, “Coffee Lake”, “Kaby Lake-X” and “Skylake-X” processors.

Support for the latest hardware technologies

Multi-threaded OpenCL GPGPU benchmarks, graphics processor, OpenGL and GPGPU details, temperature and cooling fan monitoring for the latest GPUs: nVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti, Quadro GP100, Quadro M520, Quadro M2200, Quadro P400, Quadro P600, Quadro P1000, Quadro P3000, Tesla P6. Vulkan graphics accelerator diagnostics for AMD, Intel and nVIDIA graphics accelerators. Improved support for Samsung NVMe, Crucial M600, Crucial MX300, Intel Pro 5400s, SanDisk Plus, WD Blue SSDs. Support for SMBIOS 3.1.1. Improved support for Intel “Union Point” B250, H270, Q270 and Z270 chipset based LGA-1151 motherboards. Advanced support for HighPoint RocketRAID 27xx RAID controllers. NZXT Kraken X52 sensor support.

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