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AIDA64 can send alert notifications for various hardware-related issues. This page allows you to enable alerting and specify the frequency of alerts for the same issue, which is useful for persistent events, such as when a cooling fan stops and does not restart.

Alert Item Configuration

When adding a new alert item by pressing the "New" button or selecting an existing alert item and pressing "Modify," the following configuration options are available:


Configure the label to be displayed for the alert item.

Alert Trigger

Configure the conditions for triggering the alert:

  • Value is Below: Use for detecting fan slow-downs, stops, or voltage drops.
  • Value is Above: Use for detecting overheating or overvoltage situations.


Select the action to be taken when an alert is triggered:

  • Display an Alert Window: Show a warning window.
  • Shut Down the Computer: Power off the computer.
  • Play Sound: Play a specified WAV file.
  • Run Program: Launch a specified application.
  • Send an Email: Send a warning email to a specified address. You can test the email settings with a sample alert email. 
  • Email Subject: Override the default email subject for alert notifications.

If you choose to send email notifications, configure the email sending options in Preferences > E-mail.




Available in the following products:
AIDA64 Extreme
AIDA64 Business
AIDA64 Engineer

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