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FinalWire Debuts AIDA64 v2.30

The new AIDA64 release revamps the Desktop Gadget module, further enhances its Uninterruptible Power Supply and Smart Battery monitoring capabilities, and implements full support for the complete AMD Radeon HD 7000 GPU family and the latest generation Intel SSD drives.

FinalWire Updates AIDA64 to v2.20

The new AIDA64 update further enhances its System Stability Test module with OpenCL GPGPU stress test, and implements optimized 64-bit benchmarks for Intel Atom“Cedarview” processors and for the upcoming Intel Core “Ivy Bridge” APUs.


FinalWire Unleashes AIDA64 v2.00

The new AIDA64 offers a fully automatized online update, AVX-optimized 64-bit benchmarks for the upcoming Intel Core i7 “Sandy Bridge-E” processors, and further extends its exhaustive hardware database with Western Digital hard disk drives to cover 133.000 devices total.

FinalWire Rolls Out AIDA64 v1.85

The new AIDA64 release revamps the Logitech LCD module to support multiple LCD devices with enhanced configuration options, and adds preliminary AMD “Trinity” CPU optimizations as well as OpenGL 4.2 graphics device support.

AIDA64 v1.80 Unveiled by FinalWire

The new AIDA64 update unveils a brand new hardware monitoring module called SensorPanel, implements FMA4 and XOP optimized 64-bit benchmarks for AMD FX-Series “Bulldozer” CPU, and adds AMD A-Series “Llano” APU and VIA QuadCore processor optimizations.

FinalWire Releases AIDA64 v1.70

The new AIDA64 release further strengthens its solid-state drive health and temperature monitoring capabilities, and implements support for the latest graphics processors from both AMD and nVIDIA.

FinalWire Updates AIDA64 to v1.60

The latest AIDA64 update further optimizes the previously introduced AVX-acccelerated benchmark suite for the latest Intel Core i3/i5/i7 “Sandy Bridge” processors, implements AMD Fusion APU support, and provides graphics processor diagnostics for the latest AMD and nVIDIA GPUs.

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