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AIDA64 Business and Network Audit offers a comprehensive suite of tools designed to streamline and enhance the auditing process within your organization. Key features include the Audit Manager, Change Manager, and Database Manager, each providing unique capabilities to ensure thorough and efficient management of your IT assets.


Audit Manager

This feature allows you to perform detailed audits of all hardware and software assets across your network. By capturing extensive data on each system, the Audit Manager helps you maintain an accurate and up-to-date inventory, ensuring compliance and facilitating better resource management.

Change Manager

Monitoring changes within your IT environment is crucial for security and efficiency. The Change Manager tracks modifications in hardware and software configurations, providing real-time alerts and comprehensive reports. This enables you to identify and respond to unauthorized changes or potential issues swiftly.

Database Manager

Efficient data storage and retrieval are vital for managing large volumes of audit information. The Database Manager organizes and maintains your audit data in a structured and easily accessible manner. It supports various database systems, ensuring scalability and performance to meet your organization's needs.

These features collectively empower your IT department to maintain control, ensure compliance, and optimize resource allocation effectively.

Available in the following products:
AIDA64 Business
AIDA64 Network Audit

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