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The benchmark pages of AIDA64 offer various methods to measure system performance. These benchmarks are synthetic, meaning the results indicate only the theoretical (maximum) performance of the system. Unlike application tests, synthetic benchmarks do not typically reflect the "real world" performance of the computer. However, they provide a quick and easy way to compare different computer states, such as changes in CPU clock speed or memory timings.


The memory bandwidth, CPU, and FPU benchmarks of AIDA64 are built on the multi-threaded AIDA64 benchmark engine, which now supports up to 2048 simultaneous processing threads and 32 processor groups for Engineer and Business variants. For AIDA64 Extreme, it supports up to 256 threads and 4 processor groups.

The results are scalable across multi-processor (SMP), multi-core (CMP), and HyperThreading-enabled systems. In other words, AIDA64 can fully utilize the current and next-generation CPU technologies, such as AMD Opteron, AMD Ryzen, Intel Core, and Intel Xeon processors.

Cache & Memory Benchmark

This benchmark evaluates your system's cache and memory (RAM) performance by measuring read, write, and copy speeds, along with latency.  It helps identify potential bottlenecks and optimize memory settings for improved system responsiveness. For more information, visit the Cache & Memory Benchmark page.

CPU & FPU Benchmarks

AIDA64 provides a comprehensive suite of CPU, FPU, and memory benchmarks, accessible on the Benchmark page in the main window. These synthetic benchmarks allow you to evaluate your system's performance from multiple angles. They focus on specific aspects of the processor, such as integer operations, floating-point calculations, and combined scenarios that include memory access and bandwidth. This detailed analysis helps in identifying performance bottlenecks and optimizing system settings for enhanced efficiency and responsiveness. For more information, visit the CPU & FPU Benchmarks page.

Disk Benchmark

This benchmark measures the read and write performance of your storage devices, including HDDs, SSDs, RAID arrays, USB drives, and memory cards. It provides detailed insights into sequential and random access speeds, helping to identify potential bottlenecks and optimize storage performance. For more information, visit the Disk Benchmark page.

GPGPU Benchmark

Evaluates the performance of your Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) for general-purpose computing tasks. This benchmark is particularly useful for applications such as video editing, scientific computing, and certain games. It assesses the GPU's ability to handle parallel processing, complex calculations, and rendering tasks. For more detailed information, visit the GPGPU Benchmark page.

Available in the following products:
AIDA64 Extreme
AIDA64 Business
AIDA64 Engineer

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