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Hardware Information

This section provides information and tools for understanding your display settings and graphics hardware.

Windows Video

View a list of graphics adapters installed on your system along with their driver information. Double-clicking an adapter opens the Windows Display Properties window for further configuration.

PCI / AGP Video

Lists PCI, AGP, and PCI Express graphics adapters


Provides detailed information about your Graphics Processing Unit (GPU), including manufacturer, version, clock speeds, processing units, fill rate, memory, and utilization. You can select a specific GPU if you have multiple ones installed. 

This page updates dynamically, allowing you to monitor real-time performance. Links to driver downloads are available at the bottom of the page.


Display Management


Review properties of your connected monitor, including physical dimensions and supported video modes. Links to driver downloads are available at the bottom of the page.


View and adjust desktop properties such as resolution, color depth, font size, refresh rate, and individual desktop effects.


Lists all connected monitors, indicating the primary display if you have multiple ones. You can also see individual monitor resolutions and their arrangement.

Video Modes

Explore all available display options for resolution, color depth, and refresh rate.

Advanced Features


Provides details about the supported functionalities of the OpenGL graphics library.


This section showcases frameworks that enable general-purpose computing on your GPU, supporting technologies like AMD Stream, Microsoft Direct3D, NVIDIA CUDA, OpenCL, and S3GP. Links to driver downloads are available at the bottom of the page.


Here we can find detailed information about GPUs supporting the AMD Mantle graphics API, such as GPU clocks, TMU count, profiling information, API versions and video memory details.

Queue, memory heap and device extension enumeration is also available for both GCN and GCN2 family Radeon GPUs.


This page lists all fonts installed on your system.

Available in the following products:
AIDA64 Extreme
AIDA64 Business
AIDA64 Engineer
AIDA64 Network Audit

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