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This menu item launches Monitor Diagnostics, which you can use to check the capabilities and display performance of LCD and CRT monitors. This module uses 45 different test screens to help detect potential issues.


The tests are grouped into four main categories:

  • Calibration tests
  • Grid tests
  • Color tests
  • Reading tests


By hovering the mouse pointer over any individual test, you will see hints about the test's goal and what to pay attention to. You can select specific tests or test groups to focus on particular issues, rather than running all the tests. The tests can be run in either automatic or manual mode. In automatic mode, the selected test screens display one after another like a slide show until you press Esc. In manual mode, you can proceed to the next test screen by pressing the Space or Page Down button. Hints are provided for each test screen to guide you on what to look for. The module also includes a predefined test setting for LCD displays, which you can select under Selection / Test for LCD monitors on the menu bar.


In Preferences, you can choose to save your test selection upon exit, making it easy to run the same tests next time. You can also define how frequently the test screens should follow each other and select multi-display mode. On PCs with multiple connected displays, you can test each monitor with the same test images or with a single test image stretched across all monitors.

Available in the following products:
AIDA64 Extreme
AIDA64 Business
AIDA64 Engineer

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