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Pushing Your System to the Limits: Stability Test

The System Stability Test is a powerful tool designed to identify potential stability issues in your system. It simulates a demanding workload by stressing all major components simultaneously, including the CPU, caches, memory, and storage drives. This intense test helps uncover any weaknesses that might lead to crashes or unexpected behavior during everyday use.

Granular Control and Monitoring

AIDA64 offers exceptional control over the Stability Test. You can choose to stress individual components one by one or unleash the full test to push your system to its maximum capacity. Additionally, you can enable or disable specific stress tests even while the test is running, allowing for fine-tuned analysis.

Real-Time Insights

The Stability Test provides valuable real-time data to help you monitor your system's health during the test. A dedicated log window displays when each stress test starts and stops, giving you a clear timeline of the testing process.

Visualizing Performance

For a more intuitive understanding, the Stability Test utilizes graphs to showcase CPU usage and temperatures of key hardware components. This visual representation allows you to easily identify any spikes or abnormal behavior during the test.

Detailed Monitoring

AIDA64 goes beyond basic monitoring. You can explore various tabs to delve deeper into system vitals. These tabs include:


  • Temperatures: Monitor the temperature of your CPU, GPU, and other critical components.
  • Cooling Fans: Track the fan speed and ensure your system is adequately cooled during the test.
  • Voltages: Monitor voltage levels to identify any potential power supply issues.
  • Power: Keep an eye on overall system power consumption.

Comprehensive Results

Once the Stability Test concludes, the Statistics tab provides a comprehensive summary. This includes minimum, maximum, and average values for all monitored parameters, giving you a clear picture of your system's performance during the test. Additionally, the module displays the test duration and battery status (if applicable), providing valuable context for interpreting the results.


Use the Stability Test with caution, as it can put significant strain on your hardware. It's recommended for troubleshooting purposes only, not for routine system monitoring.

Available in the following products:
AIDA64 Extreme
AIDA64 Business
AIDA64 Engineer

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